At Lahave River Berry Farm Inc. we grow a little bit of everything and a lot of haskap berries. We are following a philosophy that plants can be grown naturally without the use of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. It is all about the health of the soil. Our mission is to grow healthy, nutrient rich, natural food and beautiful flowers, shrubs, and trees. We also supply organic fertilizers, soil amendments, wildlife control products, compost tea ingredients and Haskapa products. 

We have plants & vegetables for sale! 

We make fresh, homemade pesto and salsa to order. Contact us today to order yours! 

We will be attending Lunenburg Farmer’s Market  every second week starting September 22.


Haskap Orchard #1

Lahave River Berry Farm Inc.

5216 Hwy 332

Middle Lahave, Nova Scotia

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