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Bird Gard

We have installed a Bird Gard Plus in orchard #1 this year.

Last year we had a few Haskap berries on the very young plants, but the birds (prime suspects were the blue jays) took them as soon as they turned blue.

To combat the birds this year we added a Bird Gard Plus. During the installation there were a number of birds in the trees along both sides of the orchard. Once the Bird Gard Plus was turned on there was not a bird to be seen in the orchard within 10 minutes. When the Bird Gard Plus was first turned on it was set to randomly generate the various birds in distress, and birds of prey noises every couple of minutes. Once the birds left the area the interval for generating the bird noises was set to randomly play every 10 to 30 minutes. So far this has kept the orchard bird free, but this will be monitored closely and adjustments made for noise generation will be changed if required.

The Bird Gard Plus plays recorded bird noises that are very, very clear and if you didn’t know that the system was in place you would actually think that there were real birds present.

The alternative that we have to using an acoustic deterrent is to use bird netting. However we wish to avoid the costs involved with netting and the amount of labor required to install it and remove it every year.

We are a dealer for Bird Gard products! Bird Gard makes various sizes of systems for bird control and more information can be found here.


  • Stephanie

    I am very interested in Bird Gard for our haskaps also. However…we have lots of chickens. Do you know if the Bird Gard is compatible with chickens? (maybe birds that are likely to devour haskaps respond to different sounds than chickens?) I am very interested to hear how you make out with your system this year come harvest time.

    • Chris

      According to the manufacturer chickens are not normally bothered by the Bird Gard, but because the Bird Gard uses real sounds of birds of prey and birds in distress this may actually attract real birds of prey. In which case the real birds of prey may go after the chickens.

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