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Birds and Berries

Have you ever wondered how that bird got through your bird netting?

Haskap berries are very popular with several species of birds on our farm. Every year we have to install bird netting to keep them from taking all of the crop. Every year several birds manage to figure out how to get into the rows. Here is a short video of an American Robin attempting to find a spot to pull back the netting to get to the berries.

Birds are a lot smarter than you think. We have heard stories of Cedar Waxwings pushing themselves under netting, grabbing some berries, and then pushing themselves back under the netting to get out. Once one bird figures it out the rest of them learn the technique, and they can wipe out your entire crop.


  • Peter

    Have you used Bird Gard exclusively rather than nets for the haskap? We tried it on our smaller orchard one year (2015) and it was very effective for the 700 plants in there. This year, we purchased 2 additional units for our larger orchard (7 acres with 9000 plants) and hope to have some success with it. We also purchased a cannon. I’d like to hear your experience with Bird Gard. We are in mid SK and have black birds, robins, finches, crows, and of course, cedar waxwings going after our fruit. We’ve netted the little orchard, but the cost of netting for 7 acres is not in the budget.

    • Chris

      Hi Peter. See this blog post: Starlings are the biggest threat. If a flock lands in your orchard the acoustic devices, and visual devices, just do not seem to do the trick. I wish that we would just need acoustic devices, as netting is time consuming. However in our area it is the only way to guarantee that we do not lose our crop.

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