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  • Birds and Berries

    Haskap berries are very popular with several species of birds on our farm. Every year we have to install bird netting to keep them from taking all of the crop. Every year several birds manage to figure out how to […]

  • Harvesting Haskap Berries

    One of the many frequent questions that I receive is how are you harvesting your Haskap berries? Or how should I harvest my Haskap berries?

    There are a number of good answers to these questions. One of the most important things […]

  • Which Haskap/Honeyberry Varieties to Plant?

    So you wish to create a Haskap or Honeyberry orchard but you are wondering what varieties you should use. The choices are starting to become hugely varied with lots of new varieties showing up these past couple of years, and more coming next year. This can create some confusion, but hopefully this article will help […]
  • Bird Gard

    We have installed a Bird Gard Plus in orchard #1 this year.

    Last year we had a few Haskap berries on the very young plants, but the birds (prime suspects were the blue jays) took them as soon as they turned […]

  • Compost Tea Sprayer

    How to Modify a Boom Sprayer Into a Compost Tea Sprayer

    Purpose built compost tea sprayers are quite expensive. So to reduce costs we purchased a less expensive boom sprayer and modified it for compost for the cost of a couple […]