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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services for various things, especially growing haskaps. We apply knowledge that we have gained from our own orchards and knowledge of things that have worked for other growers.

The following is what we can do:

  • Haskap plants not growing as expected or hoped – we can help
  • Soil test analysis
  • advice what to do about deer problems
  • bird control
  • orchard design
  • weed control

We have spent a lot of time experimenting with various methods of Haskap orchard setups and continue to do so. We are always on the look out for better growing methods, better orchard design, better weed control, and wildlife deterrents.

Our rates are reasonable.

Feel free to contact Chris via e-mail (, phone, or drop by the farm.


  • Ann Escott

    Do Haskap plants grow in eastern Newfoundland? Are there any sellers in NL?

    • Chris

      Hi Ann. Yes they will. The early blooming varities are fine for grow zone 2. I know there is someone growing Haskap in Labrador. Not sure if anyone is selling plants in Newfoundland, but it is not a problem to get plants shipped to Newfoundland from one of the propagators.

  • Simon Clery

    how many plants to the acre allowing for tractor access ? thankyou

  • Colleen Mansfield–Joiner

    I’m very interested to see if house got berries could possibly grow in our part of Ontario which is a 5A/5B growing region.

    • Chris

      Yes Haskap plants will grow in Ontario. There are several growers there already.

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