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Letting The Light In

Letting The Light In

As some of you have already noticed our farm landscape has changed drastically over the last few months. The big pine trees that had surrounded our property for a very long time have been removed, and “Wow! What a difference!” I am still getting used to how much more sun shines into the kitchen. It is amazing to see how much of our view of the beautiful Lahave River has widened when I look out our living room windows. Driving home for the first time, after all the trees were gone, it was so exciting to see the openness, the gardens, and how much more inviting the farm looks.

We had the trees by the road removed so we can expand the vegetable garden, and plant goji berries, garlic and raspberries. This area has been seeded with oats to prevent soil erosion over the winter. The trees on the side of the house were taken down because they were dying. We were concerned that they could fall on the house during a winter storm. I have started planting that area with perennials, trees, and shrubs. Spring cannot come soon enough! I can plant more in the front and back yard. The hedge in the backyard will be moved back to the property line. This will give us a lot more space to plant and play in.

The 2016 season was very busy, especially with all the work being done to our property. We grew vegetables, berries and plants that I took to the Lunenburg Farmers Market every Thursday, at the Lunenburg Arena. I am not currently attending the market but as soon as I am ready I will be back.

Seeds are ordered for the 2017 season, and I am planting what I can now in trays to give them a head start. I will have lots of basil to make yummy pesto, like I did last season, but this year I will have more. Homemade salsa will be available again this year, along with other yummy food products. We will have a variety of annual and perennial flowers, shrubs, trees, organic fertilizers, wildlife control products, and haskap plants. Chris has started doing consulting for people who want to start their own orchards or have questions or concerns about the health of their soil. We are excited and looking forward to a very productive 2017 season. My green thumb is itching to get back into the garden asap. Here’s to an early Spring! 

Check out the before and after pics to see the huge difference removing the trees made.

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