Local Haskap Products

Haskap products made from organic Haskap berries. These products are carefully crafted by us. They are available by visiting our farm directly. As always CONTACT US before coming to the farm!

If you have any questions about these products please let us know.

Dried Haskap Berries Sweetened with Honey

Organic Haskap berries soaked in a honey/water mixture and then dried. Use them as you would any other type of dried berry.

Unpasteurized honey comes from local beekeepers, or from our farm.

No other additives!

Price: $7.00 per 50g bag

Dried Haskap Berries Unsweetened

Dried Organic Haskap berries.

Completely unsweetened.

No other additives!

Price: $7.00 per 50g bag

Haskap Berry Jam & Jelly

Melissa’s special creations.

Not too sweet.

Ingredients: organic haskap berries, honey (local unpasteurized), pectin, lemon juice.

Price: $7.00 per 115 ml jar

Fresh Haskap Berries

Fresh  Organic Haskap berries!

Available when in season.

Typically July.

Frozen Haskap Berries

Frozen  Organic Haskap berries.

These berries are frozen right after they are harvested.

Price: $12.00 per pound