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  • Neptune's Harvest

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  • kelp meal Lahave River Berry Farm Inc.

    Kelp Meal


    Kelp Meal contains a wide range of naturally occurring plant nutrients and trace minerals essential to plant growth, health, and productivity.

  • fish seaweed fertilizer

    Fish & Seaweed Blend Fertilizer


    Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fish & Seaweed Blend Fertilizer 2-3-1 gives you the best of both products with a perfect blend of fish hydrolysate and seaweed, ensuring a complete fertilization program.

  • Acadian Marine Plant Extract Powder


    Seaweed powder. Just mix with water and use it to fertilize. Saves on freight costs!

  • Alfalfa Meal 3-0-3


    Gaia Green Organic Alfalfa Meal 3-0-3 is rich in nitrogen and also contains a broad spectrum of important trace elements vitamins and amino acids

  • All Purpose 4-4-4


    Gaia Green All Purpose 4-4-4 is an excellent all-round fertilizer for the landscape and garden. It has been used extensively by landscape professionals, certified organic farmers and gardeners over the past two decades with dramatic success.

  • Rock Phosphate 0-3-0


    Rock Phosphate 0-3-0 is a naturally occurring mineral which has been ground to a fine dust. This dust is then granulated with a natural binder called lignosulfonate.

  • Glacial Rock Dust


    Natural Mineral Product: Glacial Rock Dust is a natural mineral product, which is produced over many thousands of years by piedmont glacial action.

  • fish fertilizer

    Fish Fertilizer


    Neptune’s Harvest fish fertilizer is an organic fertilizer made from fresh North Atlantic fish.

  • Power Bloom 2-8-4


    Gaia Green Power Bloom 2-8-4 is the best fertilizer for flowering and root development.