Matcha Green Tea 75% / Haskap Berry Powder 25%

Made in partnership with matcha experts Bird & Blend. Each tin contains a unique blend of 75% pure grade Japanese matcha and 25% Haskapa Berry Powder.

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Curl up on the sofa with a cup of this refreshing, cleansing and aromatic pure grade matcha tea that has a distinctive tangy haskap berry accent thanks to the addition of Haskapa Berry Powder. 

A world first, matcha and haskap are a natural tea partnership. Haskap powder is made with the whole berry and matcha is made using finely powdered whole green tea leaves. Much of their goodness from these two superhero plants comes from their powerful natural colour.

Just half a teaspoon (or a bamboo scoop) makes a delicious cup of tea. Each 30g tin makes approximately 30 servings.

Tea Mixologist Top Tip: To get the best results from your tea blend, try using a Bamboo Matcha Whisk or milk frother. Mix up your matcha as a hot tea with honey, or ice it as a latte using dairy or non-dairy milk.

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