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Deer Shield Pro

In the fall of 2014 we installed a Deer Shield Pro in our first orchard.

The problem that we were having is that we were unable to fence in the back part of the orchard, as we needed to remove some spare soil and with the ground conditions were too wet to use the tractor. We believed, at first, that the deer wouldn’t come into this orchard from the back part due to the type of terrain that is present. We were very wrong about this one. It is very surprising what kind of routes deer can take to get into an area that they wish to be in. In our case the deer were taking a specific route to enter our orchard. So we installed the Deer Shield Pro in an area where the motion activated beam would be triggered when they took their path into the orchard. It did not take long for the deer to activate the Deer Shield Pro, as we heard it being activated the first night that it was installed. Due to the wet conditions the foot prints of the deer could easily be observed and we could see where the deer were casually moving into the orchard. Then we could see where they suddenly changed direction and were obviously running away in the direction that they had taken to enter the orchard. It took a few more nights before they came back and activated it again, and again they vacated the area in haste.

To test the Deer Shield Pro more thoroughly we have left the unit in place throughout the winter. It has put up with all of the snow, rain, freezing rain, wind, and cold temperatures without any issues. It is performing as it did when it was first installed with no obvious signs of degradation. Here it is with the battery still buried under 2 feet of snow.


If anyone is interested in these units please feel free to get in touch with us via e-mail, phone or stop by the farm. If you stop in, or make an appointment, we can show you how this unit is installed and how it works.

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